Professor in Aero-Acoustics in Wind Energy

Closing Date
31 July 2020

DTU Wind Energy seeks a professor in aero-acoustics with applications in wind energy. The position is intended for a candidate with a strong and well-documented background in aero-acoustics, computational fluid dynamics, and wind energy.

DTU Wind Energy is a department with the overall mission of contributing to research, development and education within the following programme areas: Siting and Integration, Wind turbine technology, Structures and materials and Offshore wind energy. The focus is on the development of wind energy for the benefit of society, and the department is an internationally leading university department in wind energy and cooperates with industry and institutions worldwide. We believe that cooperation between scientists and scientific disciplines and a balanced portfolio of research and innovation, education, and research-based advice and services is the best way to create value for society.

The professor will be part of the Wind Turbine Design division at DTU Wind Energy. Through this professorship, DTU Wind Energy has a strategic aim to strengthen research and education in aero-acoustics in wind energy, with main emphasis on the development of advanced numerical techniques for simulating aerodynamic flow and noise associated with the design and location of wind turbines and wind farms.

Responsibilities and tasks 

The position comprises research as well as teaching in aero-acoustics in wind energy. This research field includes:

  • Computational aero-acoustics
  • Modelling of noise emission from wind turbines and wind farms
  • Propagation of noise in complex atmospheric and terrain conditions
  • Optimization of wind turbine rotors and wind farm layouts
  • Noise perception and public acceptance
  • Model validation with data from the La Cour Wind tunnel and field experiments.

The professor is furthermore expected to

  • Teach university courses and in continuing education programmes
  • Strengthen the collaboration within the department and with other departments at DTU
  • Further develop the collaboration with national and international research institutes and industries
  • Attract national and international funding for research in wind energy
  • Publish and coordinate dissemination of research at a high international level.

The research field shares scientific methodologies with other groups in the department as well as with other departments at DTU. Thus, the Professor should sustain and develop collaboration with other groups at DTU in research, education, and innovation.

The successful candidate is expected to take a lead position in supervision of BSc, MSc, and PhD students as well as postdocs and teaching at MSc and PhD levels. For international candidates, DTU can provide Danish language courses enabling the candidates to teach in Danish within 2-3 years.


Candidates should have obtained well-documented international recognition within their research field. Emphasis will be on the ability to combine a high research level with promotion of external cooperation and exploitation of the research results. A national and international network within the research community as well as with the industry is important.

Additional requirements include 

  • Original scientific production at international level
  • Track record for acquiring external research funding
  • Proven skills in supervision of students, teaching and course development
  • Experience and skills in research leadership and management, including initiation and coordination of tasks and management in national and international research projects

Application procedure 

Please submit your online application no later than 31 July 2020 (23:59 local time).

To view the full announcement and to apply:

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