Mimicking Auditory Function: Models, Metamaterials and Simulation

16 June - 17 June 2022

Imperial College, London (UK).


Mimicking Auditory Function: Models, Metamaterials and Simulation

16th & 17th June. London, UK.

A mutli-disciplinary workshop to bring together people from previously unconnected fields who work on developing devices, systems and models that mimic the function of the auditory periphery (cochlea).

This will include researchers working on the development of

  • Phenomenological and physiologically inspired hearing models,
  • cochlea-inspired sensors and graded metamaterials,
  • bio-physical models for cochlear mechanics.

This is a hybrid event, running via Zoom and in-person at Imperial College London (58 Prince‚Äôs Gate, South Kensington). There are limited spaces available in person. In the event that in-person spaces are oversubscribed, places will be allocated to ensure a diverse cross section of different scientific backgrounds. We will prioritise those who hold the ‘decision making power’ for collaborations and who drive the priorities, strategy, and grant applications of their research group to prioritise own attendance.

Confirmed speakers include: Prof Laurel Carney (Rochester), Prof Stephen Elliott (Southampton), Prof Jacob Rubinstein (Technion) and Prof Fabrice Lemoult (Institut Langevin).

Register (online) here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/mimicking-auditory-function-models-metamaterials-and-simulations-workshop-tickets-333596645547.

The event is run by the Special Interest Group in Modelling and AI Design, part of the UK Meta Materials Network (metamaterials.network), in collaboration with the Special Interest Group in Hearing from the UK Acoustics Network (acoustics.ac.uk). The workshop is supported by the EU project BOHEME (https://r1.unitn.it/boheme/en/).


Bryn Davies, Richard Craster and Chris Sumner

Posted on 24th March 2022 in Early Career, Metamaterials, Events, Hearing, Early Careers Group