KTP Associate – Marine Acoustic Engineer


Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland

Contract Type
30 month

£30,066 – £32,641 or £35,467 – £38,420 (in exceptional circumstances)

Closing Date
13 June 2022

More info

This is an exciting opportunity for an ambitious graduate in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, or a relevant field covering sensing and instrumentation, to fast-track their career development as a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Associate. KTP supports partnerships between business and universities or research organisations, placing graduates (KTP Associates) to work on innovative high-profile projects. The successful candidate will undertake a 30-month collaborative project between Ocean Science Consulting Limited (OSC) and the Environmental Research Institute at the University of the Highlands and Islands (ERI-UHI). The post will be based at the company’s headquarters in Dunbar, East Lothian.

The post-holder will lead development of an integrated system for marine mammal mitigation from offshore developments (e.g. windfarm, oil & gas, harbour construction, etc.) on marine mammals. This work will involve design, research into component selection and sourcing, requirements for operations in different jurisdictions, integrating the system components and instruments, and then testing and validating in the field.

The successful candidate will receive extensive practical and formal training, gain marketable skills, broaden their knowledge and expertise within an industrially relevant project, and gain valuable research and commercial experience from business and academic mentors.


Informal enquires can be made to Dr Benjamin Williamson, leader of the ERI’s ‘Renewable Energy and the Environment’ team: benjamin.williamson@uhi.ac.uk or Ms Sophie Cox, Consultant at OSC sc@osc.co.uk

Posted on 13th May 2022 in Early Career, Job Opportunities in Acoustics