Knowledgebase Hackathon

25 March - 26 March 2024

Online - register for zoom link



The UKAN+ Computational Acoustics Knowledgebase is an open-source Jupyter book with interactive examples showcasing popular computational routines for acoustic modelling. It is a collaborative project supported entirely by contributions from computational acousticians. On 25-26 March 2024, we are running a Knowledgebase Hackathon, a two-day online event where computational acousticians connect and collaborate to make meaningful contributions to the Knowledgebase.

Click here to register for the event.

Examples of possible contributions include:

  • You could use the Knowledgebase to learn about a new topic and then provide feedback on what could be improved. This could be suggested in person at the Hackathon or via the GitHub issues page.
  • You could modify the page for an existing topic by adding diagrams, more information, or coding examples. This may be addressing a previous suggestion on the GitHub issues page.
  • You could create a new page for a topic which has not yet been documented.

No previous experience using Git or GitHub is necessary. We will walk through the basics in a designated breakout room.
Here’s what you can gain from this event:

  • Learn how to use GitHub (if you don’t know already)
  • Experience contributing to a collaborative open-source project
  • Learn about and experiment with a range of acoustics models
  • Learn how to develop an interactive Jupyter book (a popular format for software documentation, lecture notes, etc).

It is no problem if you can only make part of the event – we are very grateful for any contribution to this project and we hope to see you there.

Posted on 10th March 2024 in Events