Industrial and Commercial Applications of Metamaterials

16 January 2018

10:00 am

Browns Covent Garden
82-84 St Martin's Ln

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The Knowledge Transfer Network Metamaterials event, organised in partnership with Innovate UK, takes place on Tuesday 16th January 2018 in London.

With the rise in the global Metamaterial Market accounting for over $1 billion in 2016, and set to grow massively from 2017 to 2024, the upcoming Knowledge Transfer Network Metamaterials event in January 2018 couldn’t be more timely!

The event is designed for all those involved in the metamaterials sector by bringing together key stakeholders and the broader UK community in the field to network, explore key growth markets and to demonstrate the opportunities for UK collaboration. The aim is to exploit new market opportunities in the areas of Novel Antennae, acoustic and vibrational damping, and Optics.

The Knowledge Transfer Network Metamaterials event, organised in partnership with Innovate UK, takes place on Tuesday 16th January 2018 in Browns Covent Garden, London, and is a follow up to the previously successful Metamaterials event in March 2017. The event will bring together academics and industrialists – structured with presentations – and will focus on funding, strategic interactions, novel collaborations, and real product development opportunities – to be first to market. It will also provide excellent networking!

Programme update (more names still to be announced):

Chair – Dr Robert Quarshie, Knowledge Transfer Network
Innovate UK and Metamaterials – Dr Ben Walsh, Innovate UK
Overview of Metamaterials in UK – Prof Ian Youngs, Defence Science & Technology Laboratory
Prof Alastair P. Hibbins, University of Exeter
Dr Irina Khromova, Metaboards

Working with Innovate UK and Metamaterials –
Future Opportunities Discussion – Antennae – Dr Kevin Mitchell, BAe Systems (Chair)
Future Opportunities Discussion – Optoelectronics
Future Opportunities Discussion – Acoustics

Prof Ian Youngs, Defence Science & Technology Laboratory (Dstl) said:

“As a longstanding advocate of metamaterials in the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) and the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and across the defence and security sector, I am excited to be speaking at this event to promote the industrial and commercial applications of metamaterials. This is seemingly an important time, on many levels, for the nation to recognise the diverse and compelling opportunities to translate this area of science and technology out from its strong academic foundation and into markets. The UK government’s Industrial Strategy White Paper highlights the importance of the Autonomous Vehicle, Digital and Space sectors, alongside Advanced Materials and Manufacturing as a key enabling sector; metamaterials are one of the newest additions to the advanced materials portfolio with very clear relevance to these applied sectors.”

“Metamaterials offer new effects, properties and performance, that are derived by understanding the role of multi-scale topology in enhancing the value of a wide range of functional materials. In particular, Dstl and the MOD are continually interested in breakthroughs that support the utilisation of the electromagnetic spectrum by its current and future capabilities. This aligns with the major (but not exclusive) thrust of metamaterials. Dstl and the MOD are also keenly interested in the uptake of this new technology by the broader and future supply chain, which in today’s globalised economy is driven by civil and commercial applications. Therefore I am pleased to represent Dstl at this meeting to communicate the benefits of metamaterials, as I see them, and to help the nation recognise and to capitalise this opportunity to the fullest.”

NEW for 2018: There will be ample exhibition space for demonstrations and networking, and poster displays for PhD students and post-docs to promote their research activities and results. So please get in touch to find out more.

With the increase in demand for wireless communication, the natural increase in demand for metamaterial technologies comes hand in hand. This event will delve into the rise in demand in order to come up with robust solutions.

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