How to become an effective online networker (and face-to face after face-to face meetings resume) Half day interactive workshop presented via Zoom

22 October 2020

9:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Meeting ID: 260 216 0323

In the absence of face-to-face meetings UKAN is keen for all of us to update our skills and to embrace the
modern of way of networking. The future of acoustic in the UK depends on all our abilities to be successful
at networking and building new relationships. For this purpose, we are inviting Will Kintish to deliver his leading edge networking training.
This online webinar that is open to all members and aspiring members.

In this half day session and follow-up interactive talks, Will shares tools and strategies on how to connect physical and virtual networking.  Including; developing ‘on Zoom’ networking strategies and skills
The future of networking

The business community is embracing online communication because it has to. But what happens when we can return to meet 1-2-1, conferences and networking events? My prediction is for years to come and maybe for ever, both forms of networking will become the norm. One major benefit will be the time and cost savings.

We used to ‘Work the room’; now we have to ‘Work the Zoom’

  The new skills we need

In our new world where we can’t shake hands, ‘work the room’ or easily read the other person’s body language how can we ensure all the time we spend, on Zoom and other virtual communication channels, will be of any value?  There is nothing to beat physical networking but when you and I plan our strategy and take regular effective action I believe we can get close to the way we used to network. Included in my talks and training I share my thoughts on connecting physical & virtual networking.

Linkedin is a vital social network to use and I include a section to maximise your usage and knowledge.

Where the item shows ** these topics relate to physical networking once we can attend events. Otherwise the topics relate to both online and face-to-face networking skills

Workshop’s Topics

In an entertaining and interactive manner, I will share my knowledge by:

  • Explaining the basics of networking
  • How to prepare mentally and physically
  • Creating first impressions
  • Building relationships through rapport and reliability
  • Conversations- Breaking the ice; Small talk; business questions
  • Working the room (**)
  • Making best use of Linkedin
  • Explaining how to get the best use of time when attending seminars and conferences (**)
  • How to follow up in a professional manner

What are the benefits of becoming more effective networkers?

  • Create new and reinforce business relationships
  • Get known by others
  • Get others to know what you do
  • Increase the knowledge of the marketplace or specialist area of expertise
  • Meet key people and decision makers
  • Find out what the competition is doing
  • Increase your self-confidence in any group situation (online & face-to face)

Outcomes after the webinar

 Being more proactive involves:

  1. attending more events (**)
  2. meeting more people
  3. building more relationships
  4. being comfortable on screen
  5. using Linkedin in a professional manner
  6. asking intelligent questions
  7. listening carefully for the answers
  8. spotting the potential opportunity
  9. making more permission-based follow up calls
  • arranging more follow up meetings with prospects

Format for the training

An interactive workshop ensuring all delegates have opportunities to become involved throughout; i.e. viae the ‘chat’ functions, breakout rooms and maybe workbooks, supported by PowerPoint. Feedback from previous delegates has told me this is a popular combination

Will Kintish’s biography

Will Kintish qualified as a chartered accountant in 1971 and was in general practice for the next 30 years.

At the start of the 21st century he changed his career and since then has shown thousands in the, academic, professional and financial communities, internationally, how to become more effective and confident networkers. Networking is fundamental to one’s success yet so many people fear this activity. Will shows you how to overcome all your fears and concerns when working the room, how to spot lots of potential opportunities and how to follow up in a professional manner.

With the ubiquitous use of social media, social networking and mobile devices, the quaint and old-fashioned face-to-face relationship is fast losing the communications race. Will speaks loudly that the old-fashioned way still has to be the best for building rapport.

Since March he has been training clients in the best use of networking through helping them “Work the Zoom” rather than “Work the Room”! He explains that building relationships remotely, when done effectively, can be as successful face-to-face.

He has been awarded the Professional Speaking Award of Excellence the highest accolade available in the speaking profession.

He is the published author of the best-selling book “Business Networking -The Survival Guide”


Website www.kintish.co.uk

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/willkintish/

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