Hear for Tomorrow – An event for music lovers in the International Year of Sound: 2020

14 October - 14 October 2020

9:30 am - 6:00 am

Royal Academy of Engineering, Prince Philip House, 3 Carlton House Terrace, London

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This event aims is a part of the International Year of Sound to raise awareness of the effect of music on hearing health through sharing the latest
research and solutions. The meeting aims to cover the scale of the problem, what we now know, and what can be done. World leading specialists will deliver the cutting edge knowledge to help inform decision makers and influencers on well being and health issues for amateur players, professional musicians, casual
listeners and festival goers!

The event is divided into three parts running over a full day and into the evening. During the day you can hear about the evidence base and emerging technical solutions specific to the industry for music exposure, hearing loss, prevention, protection and treatment. The meeting will cover live/reinforced music, music
performance, tinnitus and music, hearing loops, and personal listening. The evening event will allow demonstrations to be seen for some of the solutions shared during the day and live performances to enjoy over drinks.

A keynote addresses will be given by Professor Kathleen Campbell of Southern Illinois University. The theme will be around her patented D-Met drug designed to reduce the effect of excessive sound exposure on hearing loss.

Who should attend? The programme will be of interest to individuals working in the field of music and entertainment such as, live sound, DJs, musicians, those who serve the industry such as audiologists, researchers, health, safety & wellbeing consultants and key influencers for musicians such as music venues,
technologists, conservatoires, music schools, employers and managers of musicians.

The event is hosted by the Royal Academy of Engineering, supported by the EPSRC UK Acoustics Networking and the Institute of Acoustics running the inaugural Hearing Conservation Association meeting.

More details including registration link and agenda are here.

Posted on 11th March 2020 in Events