Forum Acusticum 2020

7 December - 11 December 2020

Lyon, France

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The European Acoustical Association together with the French Acoustical Society will organize the 9th Forum Acusticum to be held in world heritage city of Lyon, France, from the 7th to the 11th December, 2020. This event has been postponed until December due to the coronavirus. Forum Acusticum will address all topics of Acoustics, from physical acoustics to sound perception. Industrial applications of acoustics are also targeted. Scientific and technical sessions have been organised. In particular, Claire Prada (Institut Langevin, France), Gennaro Scarselli (Università del Salento, Italia) are running NDT&E & SHM sessions, focusing on ultrasonic methods (NDT by bulk, surface or guided waves, Acoustic Emission techniques; SHM by guided waves).

The UKAN Early Careers Group will be running two social activities jointly with the European Acoustics Association’s Young Acousticians Network (YAN) and the French YAN (Fr-YAN) for young and early-career attendees! These events will take place on the app, available from your web browser (optimised for Chrome, functional on Firefox).

Early Career Event, Wednesday 9th December, 16h30-18h30 GMT (17h30-19h30 CET). Stroll through many spaces with your avatar and receive advice from mentors to build your career in acoustics, both in the industrial and academic sectors. If you are hiring, share your job opportunities! The number of spots is limited, register to join here. This event will take place on here.

E-beer in an e-bar, Thursday 10th December, 16h00 onwards (17h00 onwards CET) Join us to chat and enjoy some games and music in a virtual bar!! The number of spots is not limited but for technical reasons we would like to know how many people will join, sign up here. Join us at the bar here.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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