Calling corvids in a noisy world: communication, cognition and collective behaviour

6 March 2023

4:00 pm


Description: As birds of the crow family, jackdaws are famed for their intelligence. They are also rather noisy! This talk will examine how their acoustic communication allows them to navigate the challenges of life in dynamic social environments and coordinate collective actions. We will also consider how their reliance on calling can both help and hinder their responses to human disturbance in increasingly noisy environments.

About me:

Professor Alex Thornton runs the Wild Cognition Research Group at the University of Exeter. His work seeks to understand how the challenges animals face in their natural environments shape the development and evolution of behaviour, communication and cognition. Current research focuses primarily on cognition and behaviour in wild jackdaws, the cognitive requirements of human culture and the role of cognitive research in conservation.

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Posted on 14th November 2022 in Events