AHRC-funded Aural Diversity Network Workshop

5 January 2023

University of Leicester/Attenborough Arts Centre,

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The Aural Diversity Network is funded by the AHRC (Arts & Humanities Research Council) and will run for two years from July 2021. To join the network, please email info@auraldiversity.org

Workshop 5: Music and Performance

University of Leicester/Attenborough Arts Centre, January 2023
Led by: Prof Andrew Hugill

Deadline for submission of contribution proposals: November 2022
It is clear that listening encompasses a far greater range of hearing types than has heretofore been generally acknowledged. How may music and performance best address this wide range of aural diversities? What are the technical, aesthetic and sociocultural consequences of aural diversity for musical practice and theory? What are the aural skills that are required? What technologies exist or may be created to support musical engagement by aurally diverse practitioners and how may aurally diverse audiences be reached? What are the historical contexts and characteristics of aural diversity that have affected music? How may we envisage a new kind of music-making that encompasses every kind of listener? How may discussions of equality, diversity and inclusion be improved by awareness and acceptance of aural diversity?

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