Aeroacoustics Webinar: Acoustic Liners

31 January 2024


The Aeroacoustics SIG is happy to welcome Prof.  Franceso Avallone to present a webinar on Acoustic Liners in Aero Engines.  The webinar will be held on the 31st of January, 1430.


Flow-acoustic interaction over an acoustic liner: a physical description.

Short summary: Acoustic liners are a widely adopted noise reduction technology to reduce fan noise in turbofan engines. A detailed description of how an acoustic wave and a turbulent flow interact over an acoustic liner is still missing, which is needed to: (i) improve existing boundary conditions adopted in numerical simulations to model the acoustic liner, and (ii) to develop advance acoustic liners technologies suitable for upcoming ultra-high bypass ration engines. In this talk, results of scale-resolved LBM/VLES high-fidelity numerical simulations are described. Focus is given on the effect of the face-sheet geometry on the acoustic-induced velocity within the face-sheet orifice.



Zoom: The webinar will be held using the Zoom platform. Joining instructions will be emailed to as part of the registration ticket.

Aeroacoustics Conference:

The Aeroacoustics SIG is organising an Aeroacoustics conference to be held on the 7th of February in Manchester.

Abstracts due 15/12/2023 – More information here: UKAN+ Aeroacoustics SIG Conference – The UK Acoustics Network

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