Aeroacoustics Webinar: Aeroacoustics of Boundary Layer Ingesting Electric Ducted Fans

31 May 2024

1:00 pmRegister

The Aeroacoustics SIG is happy to welcome Feroz Ahmed to present a webinar on the Aeroacoustics of Boundary Layer Ingesting Electric Ducted Fans.  The webinar will be held over Zoom on the 31st of May at  1300.



Aeroacoustics of Boundary Layer Ingesting Electric Ducted Fans: Insights from the Source Decomposition Approach

This webinar covers the fundamental physics into noise generation and propagation in Boundary Layer Ingestion (BLI) ducted fans. These insights will be crucial for developing quieter airframe-integrated (or embedded) propulsion systems in future-generation aircraft. The findings are based on detailed flow and noise measurements conducted at the University of Bristol’s aeroacoustics wind tunnel facility.

This talk also presents the framework of the source decomposition method, which helps dissect the complexities of noise interaction mechanisms among various sources. This approach helps in understanding the fundamental physics of where the noise originates and how it changes as the fan operates at different thrust levels. The findings also reveal how duct can alter the ‘haystacking phenomenon,’ commonly observed in propeller and fan noise signatures.

About the speaker:
Feroz Ahmed is an Honorary Senior Research Associate in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Bristol. His research interests include duct aeroacoustics and turbomachinery aeroacoustics.

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