Aeroacoustics SIG webinar: Experimental Development and Evaluation of Acoustic Liners Across Technology Readiness Levels

11 January 2023

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm



Experimental Development and Evaluation of Acoustic Liners Across Technology Readiness Levels

Aircraft noise can be separated into two general sources: propulsion noise and airframe noise. Depending on the aircraft and flight condition the relative levels of these sources vary; generally, the turbofan engine noise dominates. Currently, there are two primary means to reduce propulsion noise: through careful design of the source or attenuation of the noise after it is generated. Acoustic liners have been studied since the early 1950s for aircraft noise reduction. The aircraft community’s goal is continual reduction in aircraft noise. To achieve this, new acoustic liner concepts are frequently proposed. These concepts must be developed from idea to implementation through a combination of predictive design tools and experimental development and evaluation. This seminar will focus on experimental development and evaluation of liner concepts on variety of experimental test platforms – demonstrating Technology Readiness Level advancement.

Speaker BIO:

Dr. Sutliff has 40 years of experience in Aeronautics and Acoustics in industry, academia, and government research. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Cincinnati, Master’s degree from University of Tennessee, and his Ph.D. from North Carolina State University; all in Aerospace Engineering. His particular expertise is in the area of experimental acoustic measurements and analysis.

He joined the NASA Glenn Research Center’s Acoustics Branch in 1995, where he has developed several measurement techniques for diagnosing and solving aero-acoustic problems. Dr. Sutliff advocates, manages, and conducts noise reduction research programs for improving GRC internal capability and understanding noise generation mechanisms, noise reduction concepts, and advanced measurement techniques over a range of test articles – from low complexity experimental fans to full-scale turbofan engines.




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