Acoustic Metamaterials Summer School

1 July - 5 July 2019

La Vieille Perrotine, Ile d’Oleron, France

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The next Acoustic Metamaterials Summer School, Metagenierie 2019, will take place from July 1st to 5th at La Vieille Perrotine, Ile d’Oleron, CAES village of the CNRS. According to the feedback from the first school, we have designed a new school with three pillars:

1.- Live Experiments: Experimental manipulation will be done live, and the participants will be able to retrieve, process and analyze the data.

2.- Live simulations: A version of COMSOL Multyphisics® evaluations will be available for the participants to be able to make the simulations during the school.

3.- Introductory courses will be given at the beginning of each module. A presentation of the theme and the main theoretical / experimental models discussed in each manipulation / simulation will be the basic brick of each module. Also a lecture course on experimental manipulation / numerical simulation. These courses will present the classical techniques used to address the particular experimental manipulation / numerical simulation.

Around these courses, experiments and simulations, presentations of specific studies will be given to illustrate the technological challenges and societal challenges of acoustic metamaterials.

Registration is now open on the Metagenierie 2019 website. For any information, contact V. Romero-Garcia at vicente.romero@univ-lemans.fr. The thematic school is supported by the CNRS and the GDR Meta.

UKAN participants can apply for support to attend via the travel grant form in the resources section of the UKAN website.

Posted on 16th April 2019 in Events