A new PhD position at Technological University of Munich (TUM)

Closing Date
1 June 2020

A new DTU PhD position titled “Efficient Numerical Optimization for Acoustics with Viscous and Thermal Losses and its Application to Acoustic Micro-Devices” is available. This position is part of an agreement of DTU with the Technological University of Munich (TUM). The PhD will run at DTU, and there will be a parallel project at TUM.

The project is part of the line of research at the Acoustic Technology group (ACT-DTU) and the Center for Acoustic-Mechanical Micro Systems (CAMM-DTU) dealing with acoustic modeling with visco-thermal losses and numerical optimization associated with it. This PhD will help developing the existing methods further and will support other more applied projects running in parallel. You may read more in the announcement, which includes the online application. The link is: https://www.dtu.dk/english/About/JOB-and-CAREER/vacant-positions/job?id=f622cf25-c229-4499-852e-bd640ce6a2c0 . Vicente Cutanda Henríquez and Niels Aage are the supervisors. The deadline for applications is 1st of June 2020.

Posted on 13th May 2020 in Job Opportunities in Acoustics