Physical Acoustics SIG webinar on the acoustics of hierarchical nanoporous materials – Hasina Begum

28 June 2023

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Online (zoom). Please follow the Register link to sign up for this webinar


Dr. Hasina Begum, Research Fellow at the University of Warwick WMG’s National Polymer Processing Center (NPPC), will be giving a talk at 12pm on Wednesday 28th June on the acoustics of hierarchical nanoporous materials.


Fluid transport and sorption effects in nanoporous media underpin a massive range of technologies impacting our economy and environment. When subject to operational environmental changes such as high temperature and pressure, new diagnostic tools are required to monitor microstructure, material integrity and fluid adsorption / permeation in its hierarchical pores. Such monitoring will allow early detection stages for potential malfunctioning. Whilst there are existing methods to determine the pore size of nanostructured materials, they all suffer from specific drawbacks which hamper either their general applicability, or specific applications, making it important to identify and develop new, faster, cheaper, real-time, and non-invasive approaches to measure these materials better.New research is being developed to address the substantial theoretical and experimental challenges related to the fundamental understanding of sound propagation in complex nanoporous materials to provide real-time validation of data and laboratory equipment for rapid, non-invasive, acoustic characterisation of complex nanoscale porous media.
The idea is to measure the structure of nanoscale porous media with non-invasive means by actively probing them with sound waves at the audible frequency range under different fluidic environments, temperature and pressure to unravel the acoustic signature of adsorption / transport in hierarchical materials. This will generate a large, systematic dataset on the structure and acoustical properties of hierarchical porous materials which will be combined with physics-based inversion modelling to establish acoustic measurements as a tool for structure determination. In addition, the open-access dataset will be an ideal training set for machine learning algorithms for future applications.


Dr Hasina Begum is a Research Fellow at the University of Warwick – WMG’s National Polymer Processing Center (NPPC). Hasina is currently working on the sustainability of plastics using chemometrics and machine learning algorithms. She is also based at the Automotive Composite Research Center at Warwick where she’s worked on the process engineering of high-volume manufacture thermosetting carbon fibre composites in automotives particularly focusing on ‘Zero-waste manufacturing of highly optimised composites with hybrid architectures’.  Collaborative partners include Jaguar Land Rover, Aston Martin, Ford and the University of Nottingham. Alongside this, she investigates fractographic behaviour of carbon fibre composites using acoustics for non-destructive evaluation (NDE).

Hasina’s previous role looked at defects in buried pipes using fibre optics and distributed acoustic sensing. Hasina completed her PhD at the University of Sheffield from the department of Mechanical Engineering where she looked at silica aerogels and their uses in vibro-acoustic applications for building and pipe insulation.  During her PhD, Hasina completed over 6 months of her research abroad and worked alongside international establishments in Italy and Switzerland. Through this, she has successfully published 6 journal papers, contributing to her field of research in Science and Engineering. Her research interests lie in polymers, materials science, composites, porous materials and acoustics.

Hasina can be contacted at Hasina.Begum.4@warwick.ac.uk.

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