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Upcoming Webinars
We are looking to have an acoustic weekly webinar scheduled for the next six months. Please do reach out to us if you are interested in hosting a UKAN+ Zoom webinar. For all of the latest webinars do check out our Events page on the UKAN+ website.

This week is the Underwater Acoustics SIG Monthly Webinar: Dr Usama Kadri & Dr Jake Ward. Please do register in advance.

We recently welcomed Mostafa Ranjibar, presenting Application of Topology Design Optimization in Structural Acoustics, but don't worry if you missed it. Join the 110 viewers on our YouTube channel here. All future webinars will be posted on YouTube so please do subscribe. As you maybe aware, if you turn on notifications you will be altered when we post something new.
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Earlier this year, a new initiative launched as part of STEMM-CHANGE (https://www.stemm-change.co.uk/) at the University of Nottingham, one of the EPSRC’s Inclusion Matters projects. The EDI Resource Bank is an open-access database which brings together materials to support EDI work in a range of HE settings, building on good practice already taking place across the sector. Though originating from a STEMM-focused project, the EDI Resource Bank now includes more than 100 resources (such as reports and initiatives) relevant to work and study across all subjects and disciplines.
The EDI Resource Bank is designed so that anybody working in EDI can contribute to it: this might include guidance they’ve written for staff in their university on how to support students with protected characteristics, for example, or a report on inclusive hiring practices published by a research council that they’ve found useful. Through an intuitive, straightforward portal, users can quickly locate information which will help them in planning and developing their own work towards breaking down barriers and creating more inclusive practice. As EDI practitioners contribute to the Bank, so the Bank will come to reflect the changing questions, concerns, and priorities of the EDI community itself.
We invite you to take a look at the EDI Resource Bank today, via the link below. Please also help us build the database even further by submitting resources that you’ve developed or would recommend to others working in EDI!
Early Career SIG coordinators and Grand Challenge Champions
We are pleased to announce a further newly appointed SIG Early Career lead for Biomedical Acoustics: Eugenio Donati.
Year of sound
Fundraising for MIND - Mental Health support
Cameron Salisbury, Acoustic Consultant, Environment, Noise and Vibration at AECOM is fundraising on behalf of MIND. Cameron has made a piece of music with a friend recently in honour of raising awareness of mental health support and decided to donate the value of all purchases/streams of this track to a charitable cause.

For further information and to support Cameron at Digitalbakesale
twitter youtube website 
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Running Grants Related to Acoustics May 2021
Research has been undertaken by the UKAN+ team to update previous reviews of the awards made to the community. This is uploaded to our resources page and is available to all our members.