Dr Simone Graetzer
Acoustics Research Centre, University of Salford

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Professional/research interests:
I am especially interested in the evaluation and enhancement of highly degraded speech signals, in speech communication in noise, speech intelligibility and speech privacy and security more broadly, and in speech enhancement for hearing aids. I am also interested in psychoacoustics, room acoustics, spatial audio and digital signal processing of audio and speech, both for people with healthy hearing and people with hearing loss.

How would you like to contribute to UKAN?
In UKAN+, I lead the Early Career SIG and am the Chair of the Early Career Executive Board. I am the Early Career Champion for the Wellbeing theme. I also hold a position on the general UKAN+ Executive Board. In UKAN, from 2017 to April 2021, I was one of the coordinators - or lead coordinator - of the Early Careers Group SIG.

The University of Salford laboratories include a spatial audio room with 16 loud speakers, a listening room with loudspeakers for wavefield synthesis, reverberation rooms, three anechoic chambers, an accredited calibration laboratory and state of the art equipment and instrumentation.

Software or numerical codes:
Some of my code is open source and available on GitHub under the username sgraetzer. Most code is written in Python and bash or Matlab. You can find the Clarity/Cadenza repositories for signal processing of speech/music for hearing aids here: https://github.com/claritychallenge/clarity

Specialist Interest Groups:
BioacousticsCommunication and Room AcousticsComputational AcousticsEarly CareerHearing AcousticsNoise and SoundscapeSpatial Acoustics and Immersive Audio