Dr Joshua Meggitt
University of Salford

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Professional/research interests:
1) Experimental dynamics (vibration source/isolator characterisation, dynamic sub-structuring, uncertainty quantification) 2) Diagnostic methods for NVH (mostly transfer path analysis) 3) Hybrid modelling (combining experimental data with numerical/statistical models) 4) Virtual prototyping (response prediction and auralisation for complex built-up structures)

What would you like UKAN to do for you?
Provide training and networking opportunities

How would you like to contribute to UKAN?
In anyway i can!

The University of Salford's acoustics laboratories are world class having been completely rebuilt in 2005 at a cost of £2.5M. They include a listening room, reverberation rooms, three anechoic chambers, an accredited calibration laboratory and state of the art equipment and instrumentation.

Specialist Interest Groups:
Computational AcousticsEarly CareerPhysical AcousticsSensorsVibro-acoustics