Dr Helen Whitehead
University of Salford


Professional/research interests:
I am a Lecturer in Environment and Sustainability at the University of Salford. I completed my PhD in 2023 at the University of Salford where my research focused on utilising acoustic monitoring to monito biodiversity in the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone. My research is multidisciplinary combining ecology and acoustics. Birds have been a research interest for as long as I can remember and bioacoustics opened up a whole new research interest for me. Radiological protection is another research interest of mine which is another input into my research.

What would you like UKAN to do for you?
I would like UKAN to open up new opportunities to network with professionals/academics in the acoustics field to enhance my knowledge and skills. The chance to attend conferences/workshops/training courses on behalf of UKAN would be another positive of becoming a member of UKAN that I would like to be a part of.

Specialist Interest Groups:
BioacousticsEarly CareerNoise and SoundscapePhysical AcousticsUnderwater Acoustics