Prof Abigail Bristow
University of Surrey

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Professional/research interests:
Research on the economic valuation of transport noise including the application of stated choice techniques to value road transport noise nuisance in Edinburgh, Kunming and Lisbon and aircraft noise nuisance in Athens, Bangkok, Bucharest, Lyon and Manchester; hedonic pricing in Athens and the provision of expert advice on the impacts of noise related sleep disturbance on productivity for Defra. Research focusing on the economic value of positive aspects of soundscape and the environment includes: the economic value of local environmental factors and quiet areas for Defra; the costs and benefits of the Environmental Noise Directive and research exploring the nature and value of restorative space on the University campus. Key contributions include; pioneering the use of stated choice experiments in the context of environmental impacts of transport (Wardman and Bristow 2004); the development and application of a new priority ranking approach (Wardman and Bristow, 2008); the first meta-analysis of stated preference studies of transportation noise values (Bristow et al, 2014); innovative work on temporal inconsistencies in hedonic pricing models (Thanos et al, 2012); exploring non-linearities and stigma (Thanos et al 2014) and inter-temporal noise changes (Thanos et al 2011). She leads the Noise and Soundscape Special Interest Group of the EPSRC UK Acoustics Network (UKAN) and is a Co-Investigator for UKAN+ (2021-2025, EP/V007866/1) leading the “Future mobilities” theme. She Co-chaired Team 9 Policy and Economics, one of the international noise teams of the International Commission on the Biological Effects of Noise (ICBEN) 2012-2017 (Basner et al 2015). Invited as a lead speaker to the ICAO-CAEP ISG Aviation Noise Impacts Workshop 1st-3rd November 2017 to address the monetization of aviation noise nuisance (the first time this was considered by ICAO-CAEP), the resulting White Paper was published in the 2019 ICAO Environmental Report (Sparrow et al, 2019). She is currently exploring the costs of noise in the UK and the annoyance/health nexus (Bristow 2018); the impact of covid-19 on noise and air pollution (Kumar et al, 2022) and the transition from assessment of noise to soundscape (Jiang et al, 2022).

Specialist Interest Groups:
Noise and Soundscape