Dr Timothy Hunter

University of Leeds

Professional/research interests:
My general research interest is in multiphase suspension and slurry processing, froth flotation, process intensification of particle processes, ion-exchange for heavy metal and dye removal for water and effluent treatments, structure-property relationships of multiphase products, as well as interfacial colloidal and soft matter systems.

I have current projects on acoustic and other novel in situ/online characterisation techniques; production of responsive latex particles and emulsion template colloidasomes; structure-property relationships of complex liquid based chemical products; sediment erosion, dispersion and settling; bubble network formation in cohesive sediments; process intensificaiton of ion-exchange systems for removal of heavy metals and dyes from liquid effluents.

What would you like UKAN to do for you?
Connect with other UK researchers in underwater acoustics

How would you like to contribute to UKAN?
Leading expertise in in situ and online acoustic backscatter systems (ABS) for characterising complex suspension and slurry wastes remotely

Met-flow UVP
Aquatec Group Aquascat1000
Bespoke Ultrasonic Array Research Platform

Software or numerical codes:
Matlab codes available

Specialist Interest Groups (SIGs):

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