Professor (Retired) Steven Garrett

Sound Advice Acoustical Consulting

Professional/research interests:
Mostly in the areas of physical and engineering acoustics. Recent research has been related to thermoacoustic engines and refrigerators, coupled thermokinetic nonlinear systems, resonant characterization of complex elastic moduli, manipulation, trapping, and sorting of biological cells by high-amplitude acoustic standing wave fields.

What would you like UKAN to do for you?
Expose me to other interesting research topics and introduce me to interesting research scientists.

How would you like to contribute to UKAN?
The second edition of my textbook, Understanding Acoustics: An Experimentalist's View of Sound and Vibration, has been published as an "open access" textbook that is available for free download to any UKAN member (or anyone else!).

I maintain a complete acoustics laboratory with sensors and standards for microphones, hydrophones, and accelerometers. In addition to an extensive collection of the highest quality electronic instrumentation (e.g, lock-in amplifiers, spectrum analyzers, impedance analyzers, arbitrary waveform generators, amplifiers, low-noise pre-amplifiers, multimeters, frequency counters), there are many custom electronic circuits fabricated specifically for acoustic applications (e.g., bridge-bias and low-noise pre-amplifiers for piezoresistive transducers).

Software or numerical codes:
I use the Los Alamos National Laboratory "Dynamic Environment for Low-amplitude Thermoacoustic Energy Conversion (DELTAEC)" for ordinary acoustic networks (e.g., filters, horns) as well as thermoacoustic engines and refrigerators. An introduction to DELTAEC is included in my textbook, Understanding Acoustics (see Chapter 8).

Specialist Interest Groups (SIGs):

Other Interest Areas:
Thermoacoustics, resonant determination of elastic moduli

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