Mr. Nitesh Anerao

Indian Institute of Technology, Madras / Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., India

Professional/research interests:
Acoustics, Acoustic Metamaterials, NVH, Electric vehicle NVH, Simulation and Experiment

What would you like UKAN to do for you?
- I would like to attend summer or winter schools or workshops in my area of interest (Acoustic metamaterials, Machine learning in Acoustics, Noise control, NVH).

How would you like to contribute to UKAN?
- I have an industrial experience working in NVH domain. I have specifically worked towards noise control (Sound package development - Testing and simulation) in automobiles.
- I have also worked on Source localization technique for my Master's Thesis titled" Sound Source Localization using Near-field Acoustic Holography (NAH) technique".

Specialist Interest Groups (SIGs):

Other Interest Areas:
Machine learning in Acoustics

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