Dr Marcos Simon

Audioscenic Limited

Professional/research interests:
I am a highly experienced researcher in loudspeaker arrays (3D audio/sound zoning) reproduction and its interaction with humans. I am highly motivated to apply loudspeaker technology to help with everyday problems.

I am an expert in adaptive-filtering and real-time audio signal processing. I also have research interests in active control of sound and in computer vision. I have a PhD in Sound and Vibration by ISVR and 5 years as a PostDoct in 3D audio.

Apart from my research experience, I also have entrepreneurial experience, which has lead me to found Audioscenic Limited, for the commercialisation of listener adaptive loudspeaker array technologies, www.audioscenic.com.

What would you like UKAN to do for you?
I would like to join UKAN to use its resources and networks to help our company and build our network of acoustics and sound contacts. With the UKAN help we can make Audioscenic a world key company for 3D audio reproduction and sound zoning.

Personally, this will also help to make my personal network grow.

How would you like to contribute to UKAN?
By becoming a part of UKAN, I commit to help the whole of the network with my knowledge and contacts. Personally, I have been involved with AES South (as I am based in Southampton) and co-organised a student AES conference (AES UP! 2017).

As director of Audioscenic, we put our name available for academia and industry. If in need of a partner to work in a 3D audio related project, or simply expertise, we will be an e-mail/call away from helping.

I would like to help others growing and be available to advice students that would like to become professionals in different parts of the acoustics world in their future.

We are just moving to a small office in the Southampton Science Park, where we can do very small measurements and calibration of 3D audio reproduction systems.

However, we have a very strong link with ISVR in University of Southampton if needed.

Specialist Interest Groups (SIGs):

Other Interest Areas:
3D audio, beamforming, cross-talk cancellation, sound zones

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