Mr Jody Blacklock

Create Consulting Engineers Ltd

Professional/research interests:
I have been interested in acoustics for many years now predominantly within the infrastructure, industrial and planning sectors. My main interest lies with human exposure to noise but would be very interested to get involved with other research, such as tranquillity.

What would you like UKAN to do for you?
Open some doors into the research - possibly into tranquillity or some other aspect which has limited research associated with it.

How would you like to contribute to UKAN?
I am the Eastern Branch Secretary for the IoA and would be interested to be involved in the UKAN as well at some level.

2 x Type 1 sound level meters (Norsonic 140's) and Norsonic 1251 acoustical calibrator. Also full environmental kits.

Software or numerical codes:
We use CadnaA and Insul a lot, as well as all of the Norsonic software. Numerous in house excel spreadsheets ranging in disciplines.

Specialist Interest Groups (SIGs):

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