Iain Paterson-Stephens


Professional/research interests:
Acoustics of Speech, Speech Transmission, Room Acoustics, Noise & Vibration, Digital Signal Processing, Real-time DSP, 3D Audio (using Ambisonics & Binaural),

24 Channel IN/OUT MetricHalo 3D+ Audio Interface used for Acoustics Measurement + 24 Channels of Class 1 Microphones. ITU-P51 Artificial Mouth. B&K Dummy Head. PATENWorks DH1 Dummy Head. Soundfield SPS200 3D Mic with Zephix Kit. CIRRUS Research Optimus SLM, CIRRUS Research DoseBadge Kit. Calibrators etc. Acoustics Test Booth & Research Laboratory. Positional Tracking UWB Beacon Network.

Software or numerical codes:
Use of MATLAB for Acoustics Modelling, in-House Speech Transmission Index Processing & Modelling, Signal Processing & Real-time DSP for Acoustics. 24 Channel Impulse Measurement Software. DIRAC. Head Tracking and Position Tracking using BLE4.0 Beacons Network Algorithms.

Specialist Interest Groups (SIGs):

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