Dr. Hugh Rice

University of Leeds

Professional/research interests:
In summary: acoustic backscatter; doppler and time-domain velocimetry; in-line rheometry; speed of sound measurements; numerical methods; mathematical modelling; inverse problems.

My research focuses on, but is not restricted to, characterisation of complex multiphase liquid-solid flows, in particular on nuclear-analogue suspensions, with a view to providing solutions to the challenges associated with the transport, processing and disposal of nuclear waste. There follows a short, non-exhaustive list of research topics in which I have an interest.

- Measurement of suspended particle concentration in arbitrary flow geometries using a generalised acoustic dual-frequency inversion method
- In-line rheometry for high-viscosity flows using a combined acoustic velocimetry/pressure-drop method
- Measurement and modelling of critical deposition velocity in pipe flow using an acoustic backscatter method for bed depth identification
- Phase diagram identification for bedforms (stationary/moving beds of solid particles) in multiphase pipe flow
- Development of novel, robust acoustic methods for pilot-scale deployment
- Measurement of thermophysical properties of nanoparticle suspension via speed of sound variations
- Optical-acoustic hybrid methods for measurement of complex and dynamic flows

What would you like UKAN to do for you?
To meet others working on similar problems with a view to collaborating and sharing knowledge, skills and instrumentation/data processing tools.

How would you like to contribute to UKAN?
Helping others with similar research problems, contributing to events and meetings.

We in the School of Chemical and Process Engineering at Leeds have several off-the-shelf and bespoke instruments, designed mostly for bench-based and marine applications, but adapted for a variety of nuclear-related engineering problems, as well as a large inventory of transducers covering a range of frequencies. We also have very strong links with colleagues in the School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering and the School of Earth and Environment, via past studentships, supervision and collaborations.

We have in hand or access to several large-scale flow rigs (pipe loops, recirculating/settling columns), calibration vessels and bench-scale cells for characterisation.

Software or numerical codes:
I and my research group use MATLAB extensively for data analysis and visualisation and may be able to offer advice on acoustics-related and hybrid-method data processing problems.

Specialist Interest Groups (SIGs):

Other Interest Areas:
Rheometry, sizing and sediment concentration measurement.

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