• May 15, 2020
  • Webinar - from May 2020 onwards
A quadrupole sound source scattering off multiple elastic plates spelling WAVINAR, computed using the method developed in [1]. Plate thickness is emphasised for visualisation.

The focus of this seminar series is on waves interaction with complex media, membranes and metamaterials. The applications include acoustics, aero- and hydro-acoustics, elastic, electromagnetic waves. Key challenge areas to be addressed include the analysis of propagation in complex domains (e.g. with multiscale structure and/or complicated geometries), the development of effective methods for high frequency problems (in particular, the study of canonical problems arising in the Geometrical Theory of Diffraction), and the rigorous analysis and validation of computational methods.

Seminars will be held once every 2 weeks at 4pm. There will be two 20 minute talks (plus 5 min for questions) separated by a five minute break. The first talk will start on the hour, and the second on the half hour.

If you are interested in speaking, or would like to suggest a speaker, please contact Anastasia Kisil ( anastasia.kisil @ manchester.ac.uk ).

For information about the talks and how to join them please see


This seminar series is supported as part of the ICMS/INI Online Mathematical Sciences Seminars.

[1] Matthew Colbrook, Anastasia Kisil “A Mathieu function boundary spectral method for diffraction by multiple variable poro-elastic plates, with applications to metamaterials and acoustics”, in preparation. CodeĀ developed by Matthew is available atĀ  https://github.com/MColbrook/MathieuFunctionCollocation.

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