Funding application – OPEN

The UK Acoustics Network Plus (UKAN+) Funding Call Now Open

UKAN+ First Call opened: 4th November 2021
Call closes: 15th December 2021

The UK Acoustics Network Plus (UKAN+) is committed to encouraging diverse applications and to treating everyone fairly. We are name-blind assessing all applications and as such some details in part 1 and 2 are repeated to assist this process.

Please note, you must complete this form and send – it is not possible to save the form and return to it.

Please contact the Network Manager, Zoë Hunter at if you are experiencing any difficulties with completing the form.

Part 1

Please provide all team members including non-academic partner(s) and indicate which member of the academic team are early career researchers
Contact details - Further Applicant(s)

This section is to record participation of non-academic partner(s), if present

Part 2

Please provide a summary of your proposed research project. Please include an overview of the context, aims, objectives, impact innovation. This section should be understandable to the general public (max 400 words)
Proposal Section

Questions 1-5 will be scored for assessment and are worth 10 points each, for a total of 50 points. You may refer to previous sections in your answer to avoid repetition. State the number of words in each section.

Financial Breakdown – Lead Academic

Directly Incurred
Directly Allocated
Financial Breakdown – Second Academic Partner

For cross-disciplinary projects only

Directly Incurred
Directly Allocated
Financial Breakdown – Contribution from further applicant(s)