Summer webinars in Hearing (SSH)

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  • Jun 10 - Aug 19, 2020
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Summer Seminars in Hearing (SSH)

The UK Acoustics Network (UKAN) and “Basic Auditory Science” (BAS; the largest annual UK meeting of hearing researchers) are running a series of on-line seminars, to facilitate communication and discussion amongst the UK Hearing Acoustics community. On-line seminars are planned to occur over the spring and summer, fortnightly, on Wednesday at 2pm UK local time.


Seminar schedule

13th May: “Can machine learning improve speech perception with hearing aids and cochlear implants?”  by Dr Tobias Goehring, from the CBU in Cambridge.

27th May: “Understanding the challenges of everyday listening with hearing aids and cochlear implants: towards ecologically relevant measures of listening effort” by Ian Wiggins, from the University of Nottingham.

10th June: “What’s the Use of Extended High-Frequency Hearing?” by Prof. Chris Plack, from the University of Manchester/Lancaster.

24th June: Talk to be given by Dr Conny Kopp-Scheinpflug, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.

8th July: Talk to be given by Prof. Andrew Oxenham, University of Minnesota.

22nd July: Talk to be given by Dr Susan Shore, University of Michigan.

5th August: Talk to be given by Dr Rebecca Millman, University of Manchester.

19th August: Talk to be given by Prof. Astrid van Wieringen, KU Leuven.


How do I attend?

If you have already registered for a previous talk, there is no need to register again. Attendance requires registration, and is done via a link to a (very) short on-line form:

Shortly before each seminar, all those registered will receive a link to attend, via email.


How do I keep up to date about upcoming seminars?

If you join the UK Acoustics Network Hearing Special Interest Group ( you will receive newsletters from UKAN. If you are registered for the seminar series, you will also hear about each upcoming seminar.