Light & Sound for Heritage Sites

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  • Jun 21, 2021
  • 10:00 — 12:00
  • Online event please register at the below website
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This webinar is organized within the project “Influence of soundscapes and lightscapes on cultural heritage perception” funded by the UCL Cities Partnership Programme:

Schedule of the webinar:


Lorna Flores, Claudia Guattari, Tin Oberman, Francesco Aletta: Influence of soundscapes and lightscapes on cultural heritage perception

Soundscape and heritage

Pamela Jordan: Beyond soundmarks – identifying an historic soundscape

Antonella Radicchi, Dietrich Henckel: Combined sound and light walk as a method for collective inquiry and knowledge production. Reflections about potentialities and challenges for future research


Lighting and heritage

Geraldine O’Farrell: Lighting historic buildings and places

Lodovica Valetti: Light and cultural heritage: Towards the definition of a nocturnal lightscape

Panel discussion:

Giuseppina Emma Puglisi (moderator), Marco Frascarolo, Francesco Asdrubali, Arianna Astolfi, Anna Pellegrino

The event has been included in the list of events of the International Year of Sound 2020-2021. This is a global initiative to highlight the importance of sound and related sciences and technologies for all in society. The International Year of Sound will consist of coordinated activities on regional, national and international levels. These activities will aim to stimulate the understanding throughout the world of the important role that sound plays in all aspects of our society. As well, these activities will also encourage an understanding of the need for the control of noise in nature, in the built environment, and in the workplace.

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