IoA ACOUSTICS 2020 in Chester

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  • May 14 - May 15, 2020
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his conference will be held over two days, with the specialist groups listed below having a session plus the Rayleigh Medal 2020 keynote lecture. An awards dinner will be held on the first evening. You are encouraged to submit an abstract up to 250 words on any of the following or related topics, please indicate which group session it is submitted for.
Buildings Acoustics
Sound insulation, design, measurement, sound transmission in buildings
Microphones, intelligibility and loudspeakers
Environmental Noise
Policy, Guidance and Standards
Measurement and Instrumentation
Sound and vibration measurements and analyses
Musical Acoustics
Musical instruments in performance spaces
Noise and Vibration Engineering
Industrial, environmental, occupational noise and vibration
Physical Acoustics
Theoretical developments (all methods); experimental measurements; propagation
and scattering; applications to material characterisation and acoustic metamaterials
Speech, Hearing & Bioacoustics
All aspects of acoustics relating to human and animal vocalisations and hearing,
plus applications of acoustics in biology and medicine

Please include title, author(s) and affiliations(s) and submit your abstract by email to by  31 January 2020 . Full papers will be required by Friday 27 March 2020.  All oral/poster presenters will be invited to submit a paper for the proceedings which will be issued on USB.