Airborne ultrasound workshop: Assessing effects on the public and workers

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  • January 31, 2019 — January 31, 2019

The workshop provides an opportunity for those in science and industry to discuss the results of the EARSII project and related issues. The schedule comprises:
Keynote speakers highlighting aspects of the topic and giving an overview of the history and current state of the art

  • presentations of EARS II project results;
  • round-table discussions with distinguished experts on current questions and new concepts, potentially initiating new ideas and future collaborations;
  • all participants may present a poster on their current work including a 5-minute talk (please state upon registration).

More details are on Workshop_UCL_Ultrasound_Jan2019.

You can register for this free event via the University of Southampton online store.

Deadline: 23 December 2018.