Opportunity – Early career researcher funding from the Centre for Digital Built Britain

Posted on Aug 22, 2018 in Early Careers Group, Job Opportunities in Acoustics

Funding is available for early career researchers from the Centre for Digital Built Britain (run from Cambridge University) for a project covering one or more of the following topics:

  1. Exploring and considering a diverse range of citizen perspectives and needs in order to ensure a digital built Britain contributes to equality and equity for all.
  2. Exploring how communities interact with increasingly digital social and/or economic infrastructures and the services they deliver.
  3. Exploring the social implications of a digital built Britain for one or more of: i) health and well-being, ii) education, iii) work and employment, iv) mobility, v) crime and terrorism, vi) legal and judicial, vii) arts and culture, viii) third spaces.
  4. Exploring the implications of a digital built Britain for economic infrastructure such as one or more of: i) Water and sanitation, ii) Energy and Power, iii) Mobility and transport (of people and goods).
  5. Exploring the implications of a digital built Britain for social infrastructure such as one or more of i) Hospitals, ii) Schools, iii) Places of worship, iv) Arts and culture, v) Sports
  6. Exploring aspects of “Place” (urban, rural, coastal, inland), and the role of digital and enhanced geo-spatial location, and way-finding technologies.
  7. Exploring aspects of sustainability, insights and capabilities to improve the environmental impact of the social and economic activities in the digital built Britain.
  8. Exploring the impact of the digitalisation and integration of services and assets in the performance of industry, manufacturing, trade, market, and commerce within the digital built Britain.
  9. Exploring the exploitation of existing or emerging tools, technologies and techniques and their role in delivering a digital built Britain.
  10. Exploring ways to leverage data and information to deliver a digital built Britain.
  11. Exploring the commercial challenges and opportunities of a digital built Britain.

The areas which you would be expected to explore within these are:

  • Society
  • Digital
  • Construction
  • Whole life asset management
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • City planning and management
  • Complex integrated systems
  • Data and information
  • Governance, business and commercial models
  • Skills and training
  • Stakeholder and supply chain management

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