Aeroacoustics Webinar: Bio-Inspired Noise Control

15 March 2023

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The Aeroacoustics SIG is happy to welcome Dr Nick Zang to present a webinar on AerodynamicNoise Control via Bio-Inspired Features. The webinar will be held on the 15th of March 2023, 1300.

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Aerodynamic Noise Control via Bio-Inspired Features

Nature has always inspired researchers and engineers to develop effective solutions to engineering challenges across disciplines. Similarly, in a pursuit to reduce noise impact on community, industries (transport, energy etc.) have spent extensive research efforts in finding effective noise control strategies. Among them, a number of bio-inspired features have been derived and studied, showing promising prospects in this continuous and yet ‘quiet’ pursuit. At the aeroacoustic research team in Bristol, we have also taken a deep interest in adapting and applying bio-inspired features to mitigate the different sources of aerodynamic noise, such as trailing-edge noise, turbulence impingement noise as well as the aeolian tones. The seminar will focus on a range of experimental studies carried out to examine the effectiveness of noise control using various bio-inspired surface and geometric modifications and their underlying physical mechanisms.

Speaker BIO:

Dr. Nick Zang is a Lecturer in Aeroacoustics at the University of Bristol. His research focuses mainly on experimental aerodynamic and aeroacoustics using advanced measurements, such as in-situ sensing, laser-based flow diagnostics and microphone arrays. He has conducted extensive tests on trailing-edge noise, bluff-body and wake-body interaction noise in the wind tunnel. Currently, he is responsible for several test campaigns on aerofoil stall noise and electric propulsor noise, and is a member of the international hybrid wind tunnel workshop, working on enhancing knowledge sharing and cross-validation of aeroacoustic measurements among different facilities. His research is supported by EPSRC, InnovateUK and EU H2020, and several industrial partners.

Zoom: The webinar will be held using the Zoom platform. Joining instructions will be emailed to attendees prior to the start of the event.

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