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Our community continues to grow - we have 38 new members this month. UKAN+ now boasts 1284 individuals as at 31st May 2021.

Following our newsletter last month we have seen a welcomed increase in our webinar schedule both from our SIG community and new and previous members. We are looking to have an acoustic weekly webinar scheduled for the next six months. Please do reach out to us if you are interested in hosting a UKAN+ Zoom webinar.

This week we welcome Mostafa Ranjbar presenting Application of Topology Design Optimization in Structural Acoustics. Please do register in advance.
The Underwater Acoustics SIG completed their first in a series of monthly webinars on the 27th May. We welcomed Francesco Aletta last week, but don't worry if you missed them. They are both now available on our YouTube channel here. All future webinars will be posted on YouTube please do subscribe. As you maybe aware, if you turn on notifications you will be altered when we post something new.
SIG computational
Social Media
Last month we highlighted the benefits of having an active presence on a social media channel. The Computational Acoustics SIG have elected to set up dedicated space on a Slack Channel as a way of building a sustainable community for people in a research area for whom it’s not feasible to meet up frequently to network. The Software Sustainability Institute calls this Communities of Practice, a term that comes from learning theory. There is a lot of tacit knowledge embedded in groups of people engaged in a certain practice, and sharing this proactively can allow the group to grow more readily.

The Computational Acoustics SIG Slack Channel is open to all and they would welcome people to share ideas and move work forwards.

I Women Day
International Women in Engineering Day - 23 June
Now in its eighth year, International Women in Engineering Day, is the only day in the calendar that celebrates women in engineering and allied professions. It is coordinated from the UK by The Women's Engineering Society (WES), which founded the event in 2014.

Engineering Heroes!
A celebration of the amazing work that women engineers around the world are doing, and not just to respond to the pandemic but also to support lives and livelihoods every day.

Want to get involved? Submit your events, download resources and join in! #INWED21

WES presents a virtual celebration, with female engineering heroes of the present, past and future and announces the 2021 Top 50 Women in Engineering Awards.

ASA Publications Presents: Across Acoustics Podcast
ASA Publications is excited to present the Across Acoustics Podcast, the new official podcast of the Acoustical Society of America's Publications' Office. Each month, they're highlighting authors' research from one of our four publications - Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (JASA), JASA Express Letters, Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics (POMA), and Acoustics Today.

Early Career SIG coordinators and Grand Challenge Champions
Following last month's announcements, we are pleased to announce a further newly appointed SIG Early Career lead for Aero-Acoustics: Dale Smith.
Year of sound
UK-wide monthly forum
Cameron Salisbury, Acoustic Consultant, Environment, Noise and Vibration at AECOM would like to offer a platform for research members and academics to present to an industry based acoustic team. Cameron would like to hear from UKAN+ members, particularly Early Career members, to join a monthly call with the wider AECOM team to deliver a non/semi-technical 15-20 minute presentation about new technology and/or avenues for research which could be applied to project challenges.

Online article
Cameron would also like to invite UKAN+ members to contribute to the website in the form of an online article. These can be made as creatively as you like, with video and audio to supplement each article, but the main point of the site is to be public-facing and as non-technical as possible! The goal is to familiarise the public and non-acousticians with what goes on within an acoustics environment.

For further information or to get involved contact Cameron at cameron.salisbury@aecom.com
International Conference on Applied Acoustics and Modal Analysis.
The Noise & Vibration research group of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the KU Leuven is pleased to inform you about the 2021 Intensive Courses on Applied Acoustics and Modal Analysis.
ISAAC32 is the 32nd edition in a series of annual courses on Advanced Techniques in Applied and Numerical Acoustics which will take place on September 16-17, 2021 in Leuven, Belgium. It is set up as an extended overview of recent techniques in applied and numerical acoustics with an emphasis on background principles and on the practical use of the techniques.
ISMA46 is the 46th edition in a series of intensive courses on Modal Analysis which will take place on September 16-17, 2021 in Leuven, Belgium. The course gives a general introduction to modal testing with emphasis on data-acquisition and multi-channel modal testing. It is an intensive training course, where theoretical lectures are illustrated by integrated demonstrations and discussions on relevant industrial case studies.
The courses will be organized as traditional in-person events, taking into account social distancing and other imposed measures. If necessary, a cancellation with full refund of the courses will be communicated no later than September 2nd. In such case, the courses will not be postponed, nor will they be transformed into virtual events.
You can find the full programme of the courses and the online registration on http://www.isma-isaac.be.
The registration link for both courses can be found here: https://www.conftool.com/isma-isaac-courses-2021/.

John Connell Awards 2021 - Invitation to submit entries
Planning for the John Connell Awards 2021 has commenced! COVID permitting, the awards will be held in October at the Palace of Westminster in London. The awards recognise innovative services, campaigns, products and programmes that are shining examples of community co-operation, education and creative solutions to solving noise pollution problems and improving soundscapes.

The awards are open to local authorities, industry and organisations throughout the UK. Projects which have been carried out during the past 48 months are eligible. For more information and to request an entry form, email johnconnellawards@noise-abatementsociety.org or visit https://futuresoundfoundation.uk/campaigns/john-connell-awards.


Acta Acustica, the open access journal of the European Acoustics Association (EAA), is pleased to present “audio articles”, an exciting, new, scientific article type with embedded audio files for ultra-rich content and a dynamic audio-visual experience.

“Acoustics of the banjo: measurements and sound synthesis” by Jim Woodhouse, Nobel Prize winner David Politzer, and Hossein Mansour. Look for the black ‘speaker’ symbol to hear a banjo playing “The Arkansas traveler”. (Read - https://bit.ly/33v07uN)

“The fascinating physics behind a banjo’s distinctive voice” is a related highlight in which Jim Woodhouse comments “With musical problems, the physics questions have to be teased out by interaction with makers and players of instruments. You get to meet a lot of interesting people doing this kind of work!” (Read - https://bit.ly/3eU42rj)

“Interaction between time-varying tone inharmonicity, fundamental frequency and spectral shape affects felt tension and timbral semantics” by Asterios Zacharakis and Konstantinos Pastiadis. Readers are encouraged to “Please use headphones”. (Read - https://bit.ly/3helaK1)

Do you know an acoustician looking to publish open access? Why not suggest they submit an “audio article” to Acta Acustica? Hearing is believing!

Find out more about “audio articles” or follow Acta Acustica’s new account on Twitter - @ActaAcustica
NEW SIG - Spatial Acoustics and Immersive Audio
The Special Interest Group in Spatial Acoustics and Immersive Audio (SIG-SAIA) will be coordinated by Lorenzo Picinali, Imperial College London and Filippo Fazi – University of Southampton. ECR Coordinator, Aidan Hogg – Imperial College London.

Spatial Acoustics and Immersive Audio (SIG-SAIA) will bring together researchers, professionals and end-users in several disciplines, from core research areas to more applied specialisms, all dealing with the spatial aspects of audio and acoustics, including acquisition, rendering, human perception and applications.

A page will be created and launched on the UKAN+ website on our refreshed website at the end of July.
Deciphering EPSRC-speak
Elaine Massung is looking to make it as easy as possible for researchers to get a solid foundation in understanding the peer review process, the Demystifying EPSRC Peer Review course is available as a self-guided session for either individuals or larger groups. Participants can take the course at any time and will have permanent access to it, including any future updates; you can also sign up for live Q&A sessions.

Elaine has created an EPSRC Myth-busting Guide, use the voucher code Free4June to get it free until the end of the month.
New Grants related to acoustics
We would like to congratulate Sriram Subramanian and his colleagues at UCL on securing a new £817k EPSRC grant to work on manipulation of acoustic wave fronts.
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