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UKAN+ Annual Meeting: Maximising the impact of acoustics
09:30-16:30 4th July 2022 - Hyatt Regency Manchester
UKAN Plus will host its first in person meeting in Manchester on the 4th July. We have a packed agenda, including three fascinating Keynote speakers; funding opportunities and opportunities for you to network and inform future strategic direction in acoustics.

The invite is open to all our UKAN+ members but place numbers are restricted and by application. The event will be free to our members.

UKAN+ Newsletter
Fellowship writing training (ten sessions)
UKAN+ is funding an extensive writing training course to support early career researchers/academics in drafting fellowship proposals, with a focus on EPSRC applications. The full course is ten half-day sessions and is run by a former EPSRC Portfolio Manager and a Materials Science academic.

The first two sessions are open to all UKAN+ members, including PhD students, and everyone is encouraged to attend to build their understanding of the fellowship process.

Sessions 1 and 2
  • Session 1: 10:00 - 12:30 Thursday, 7 July Zoom access
  • Session 2: 10:00 - 12:30 Thursday, 14 July Zoom access
Sessions 3 - 10 will be limited to 16 people to allow a high degree of interaction with others and feedback from the trainers as participants write their fellowship proposal.

The application form for attending these sessions will be made available from 15 July and assessed by a UKAN+ panel. Individuals attending these further sessions must also make a one-off £50 contribution to the cost.

Key dates

  • Session 1: 10:00 - 12:30 Thursday, 7 July - Open to all UKAN+ members
  • Session 2: 10:00 - 12:30 Thursday, 14 July - Open to all UKAN+ members
  • Application for sessions 3-10 deadline: Monday, 1 August
  • Application outcome to successful applicants: mid-August
  • Session 3: planned for 10:00 - 12:30 Tuesday, 20 September - By invitation only
  • Following sessions at approximately three-week intervals
RAENG back of room
Hear for Tomorrow – The 1st In-person Event for 2 years!

On the 30th March 2022 the Royal Academy of Engineering hosted the 103 week delayed Hear for Tomorrow event. This was the first in-person event post COVID but did utilise a flexible delivery with four presenters using Zoom.

The symposium was organised jointly with the newly formed UK Hearing Conservation Association, their first ever event. The symposium had the support of UK Acoustics Network (UKAN), with three special interest groups coming together: Communication and Room Acoustics, Hearing, and Biomedical Acoustics working with the IOA Musical Acoustics Group. The event was split into two parts: a full day programme of presentations and an evening soiree centred around the exhibition.

For a full report from Professor Stephen Dance (London South Bank University) follow the link here
UKAN+ Workshop on Soundscapes

On the 5th of April, the UK Acoustics Network held its first Workshop on soundscapes with the purpose of exploring UK research, encouraging knowledge exchange and discussing future directions.

A recording of the event can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecNYqDRoAi0
Funded Projects
Call 1
In November 2021 UKAN+ opened our first public call. Further to our earlier announcement, we are pleased to confirm two Knowledge Transfer proposals have been funded.
  • Oliver Metcalf, Developing best-practice guidelines to integrate long-term ecoacoustic methods into UK biodiversity monitoring.
  • Gianluca Memoli, Curved metasurfaces for healthcare uses
We are working towards having full details of all our awarded projects on the UKAN website in the nearer future.

Funding application
Call 2 - Pre-Launch
Following feedback from call 1, we are providing preliminary information on our second call.

Collaborative workshop: 8th or 13th September 10:00-13:00
UKAN+ will once again collaborate with The Collective, expert facilitators, focused on stimulating future acoustic research projects. These informal events are designed to build research communities to develop new, innovative ideas for proposals and opportunities to deliver a step change in world-class research. They will aid proposals to align with the agreed acoustic priorities and project proposal assessment criteria. The workshop calls will be limited in number to enable collaborative working. To facilitate participation, the same event will be run twice, as such it will only be necessary to attend one workshop per call.

Workshop Application will be blind assessed and open 27th June, closing 8th July. Application form will be available on the UKAN website.

Call 2 will open 8th September 2022 and close 19th October 2022. Full details will be available on our Funding website page.
UKAN+ Events
UKAN+ ANNUAL MEETING 4th July in Manchester. Register for a free place.
We are looking to plan our schedule advance. Please email if you are interested in hosting a UKAN+ Zoom webinar. z.hunter@acoustics.ac.uk
You can replay our various webinars via our YouTube, including the Workshop on Soundscapes
ANC launches sound testing CPD

National trade body the Association of Noise Consultants (ANC) has launched a CPD programme setting out the key issues around sound testing in buildings.

‘Approved Document E Sound Testing Registration Scheme,’ has been produced by a cross-industry group of acousticians, to provide insight into the key factors surrounding this specialist area of property development.

Produced for building inspectors and other construction professionals with an interest in noise in buildings, the CPD can, depending on the situation, be delivered by ANC members in their local area if requested.

To arrange a CPD presentation please contact info@theanc.co.uk or approach your local ANC member.
New Grants related to acoustics
Trevor Cox and team have secured £1,319,161 from EPSRC for a 4 year project - EnhanceMusic: Machine Learning Challenges to Revolutionise Music Listening for People with Hearing Loss. Audio signal processing is a very active and fast-moving area of research, but typically fails to consider those with a hearing loss. The latest techniques in signal processing and machine learning could revolutionise music for those with a hearing impairment. To achieve this we need more researchers to consider hearing loss and this can be achieved through a series of signal processing challenges. Such competitions are a proven technique for accelerating research, including growing a collaborative community who apply their skills and knowledge to a problem area.

The team will develop tools, databases and objective models needed to run the challenges. This will lower barriers that currently prevent many researchers from considering hearing loss. Data would include the results of listening tests into how real people perceive audio quality, along with a characterisation of each test subject's hearing ability, because the music processing needs to be personalised. Developing new objective models to predict how people with a hearing loss perceive audio quality of music. Such data and tools will allow researchers to develop novel algorithms.

The scientific legacy will be new approaches for mixing and processing music for people with a hearing loss, a test-bed that readily allows further research, better understanding of the audio quality required for music, and more audio and machine learning researchers considering the hearing abilities of the whole population for music listening.
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