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Funding application
New ambitions research funding
UKAN+ launched its first funding call on Thursday 4th November; closing 15th December.

The UKAN+ community responded positively to our call and we received a total of 36 applications, applying for funding totalling £1,210,701.90.

UKAN+ have utilised a two stage process to review the proposals. The proposals were issued to reviewers on 20th December with a deadline of 13th January. Following each proposal being reviewed by the Review Panel a final ranking process and preference was given to those proposals which most closely align with the selection criteria outlined in the funding call documentation. From this, 12 pilot and 2 knowledge transfer proposals were selected for review at an Assessment panel. The 2 network proposals were assessed by the UKAN+ leadership team as agreed under the terms of UKAN+.

We are pleased to announce 3 pilot projects and 2 network projects were awarded. Following discussions at the Assessment Panel, PIs from 2 KTNs will be exploring options for further consideration.

Pilot awards
Alice Eldridge & team
Toward a Measure of Soundscape Dynamical Acoustic Complexity using Causal Analysis and AI
Lin Wang &
Axel Rossberg
Bioacoustic monitoring using drones
Yueting Sun
& team
Acoustic attenuation using advanced nanoporous materials

Jeremy Froidevaux
& team
Workshop on sound recording analysis
Nick Ovenden &
Computational Acoustics in Industry Sandpit
NCCPE Logo - RGB - Primary

Free course for UKAN members on generating impact through public engagement – sign up now

Acoustics needs high quality engagement with the public. Much of what we do directly impacts on the public, and we need more people to be aware of the importance of acoustics. Public engagement is therefore an increasingly important skill for acousticians. It is required by many research funders; contributes to the impacts of your research; and enables you to ensure you do responsible research and design.

The Impactful Public Engagement Course is an online, interactive opportunity to refine and improve your skills and approach to public engagement.

UKAN have commissioned the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement, who have over 10 years’ experience supporting people to enhance their public engagement work. The course will provide inspirational content; networking and sharing opportunities; and peer learning. This 6-month programme provides the tools you need to develop your own approach, and to ensure that the engagement work you do makes a difference to you, and to those with whom you engage.

Sign up now and complete the application form or read more about the opportunity here

We welcome you to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to discuss anything further.
NCCPE contact - Manjula Halai, Project Officer (manjula.halai@uwe.ac.uk) working days are Mondays and Thursdays. For contacting NCCPE outside of these days please email NCCPE Enquiries (nccpe.enquiries@uwe.ac.uk).
UKAN contact - For informal enquiries please contact Trevor Cox, Acoustical Engineering (T.J.Cox@salford.ac.uk).

The IOA STEM Committee have just been given the go-ahead to organise virtual work experience for up to 1000 GCSE and A-Level students, in 2022, with an organisation called Springpod.

This virtual work experience will not be anything like traditional workplace work experience. Instead it will be an overview of the acoustics industry and will give our industry the opportunity to engage with a large number of students from anywhere in the UK. It is hoped that if we all come together as an industry, and show young people the huge range of careers in acoustics, we will be able to inspire a pipeline of future acousticians.

The work experience will be designed to run over two weeks, for 1 hour a day, and will include engaging content like videos, games, activities and live webinars. Following the course Springpod will create a GDPR compliant talent pool of the students that are interested in acoustics, and we can let them know about any events, traditional work experience or apprenticeship opportunities.

We have already been working with a few groups within the industry to design the modules, and are looking for more people to help. The modules are:
Introduction To Acoustics – Why we do it, who IOA are, the range and breadth of projects and careers, an overview of the elements that we don’t have time to cover in detail, how music fits in, the measurement of sound and an introduction to modelling.
  • Introduction To Acoustics – Why we do it, who IOA are, the range and breadth of projects and careers, an overview of the elements that we don’t have time to cover in detail, how music fits in, the measurement of sound and an introduction to modelling.
  • Acoustics and The Environment – policy, law and planning, receptors, sources of noise, noise control, underwater acoustics, modelling and soundscaping.
  • Acoustics and Architecture – policy, receptors, important elements of buildings, modelling, noise control, sound artists.
  • Acoustics and Innovation/Technology – audio engineering, voice recognition, music, sound in games, car design, everyday quiet innovation.
  • Acoustics and Health – Ears, hearing & impairment, health and wellbeing (including music), medical acoustics, the importance of sound for diagnosis and therapy.
  • Pathways into Acoustics – Role of IOA, pathways and routes into acoustics.
We really need volunteers to create videos, help us create content, and present at our webinars and panel events. If interested in getting involved and supporting this initiative, please get in touch at STEM@IOA.org.uk.

These lists are not exhaustive, and will evolve as the content is created. If there is anything that you are keen to have included in the modules, especially if you are willing to create (or already have) some content, please get in touch.

It is very important to all involved that we show the diverse range of careers and career routes for acoustics, but it is really essential that we show a diverse range of role models that work within the industry and make sure that the experience is inclusive for all. If you can help with this, we really want to hear from you!!
Inter noise
Registration is now open but abstract submission will close on 4th of February 2022!

Follow the link below to register at the early rate - lock in the discount and save! Early bird deadline is 8th July 2022.

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Congress Format & Theme
The theme is Noise Control in a more Sustainable Future. Sustainability is a timely topic and what better place to discuss it than the venue of the biggest conference on climate change – COP 26.
Whilst we are looking forward to people attending in person, we are also offering a virtual option, primarily for intercontinental travellers. The majority of presenters and attendees of a technical session will still be in the room, with a minority of presenters and attendees on-line. The full program of social and networking events will still take place. We look forward to welcoming you in August. UKAN+ funding is available for early career researchers to support the attendance at this event.
Early career? Interested in attending? Need travel funding Apply here for travel grant.
UKAN+ Events
Waves in Complex Continua (Wavinar)
1st February 16:00-18:00
Please email if you are interested in hosting a UKAN+ Zoom webinar or presenting your work to UKAN+. z.hunter@acoustics.ac.uk
You can replay our various webinars via our YouTube, including Tom Tranter's webinar on Acoustic diagnostics for state estimation, quality control and failure prediction of batteries.
UKAN+ Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

Following an open recruitment, we are pleased to welcome Hasina Begum as the UK Acoustics Network Plus Early Career EDI Champion. Hasina featured in our October newsletter and we welcome her passion and expertise to this new role in UKAN+.
The second edition of Understanding Acoustics is an “open access” publication, so the e-book version is available for free download.

For reasons that neither my editor, Sam Harrison, nor I know, Springer has decided to make the hardbound, color version available for half-price: $29.99, including “free shipping worldwide dispatched in 3 to 5 business days.” I asked Sam to look into this and he says that the sale price is probably good through February. The hardbound book can be purchased from the same site that provides the free download link:


With students now returning to campus for Spring semester, it is probably a good time to make them aware of this temporary price reduction, if they are interested in a print copy.

Steven Garrett
Our shiny new site is now live!

We've improved the site and following member network feedback our directory now has the option of including a photo. Members are invited to update their profile providing details about themselves (photo, ORCID account and EDI).

We are keen to ensure our network is for active members. In due course a review will take place where old and inactive profiles will be removed.

New Grants related to acoustics
RESINators – Miniature Acoustic Resonator Systems
We are pleased to inform you that Joseph Jackson and Andrew Feeney have successfully secured a 3-year EPSRC grant with FEC of £550k. In this project the team are trying to miniaturise acoustic resonators that could be the building blocks for novel sensors and materials using 3D printing… the goal being to bring resonators and materials that interact with sound at audio frequencies down in size. It is a collaboration between Joe, Andrew and RHA Audio as project partner.
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